Your question: What is LC diamond?

Flawless and Internally Flawless certified diamonds are extremely rare. … FL or IF diamonds may also be referred to as ‘LC,’ meaning “Loupe Clean”.

What is LB and LC in diamond?

We are grading the diamonds in to parameter of White, LC (Light Color-Off White) and LB (Light Brown) based on color. The diamond which has red color shine can be graded as LB. LC grade includes yellow shade diamonds. As a rule, yellower the stone, lesser the value it has as compared to colorless diamonds.

What letter is a good diamond?

In the letter-grade diamond color scale, D (colorless) is the highest and best grade, and Z is the lowest. Diamond used to be graded like gemstones on a range that included AAA, AA, A, and B, so the new scale started at D to avoid confusion.

What is SL diamond?

SI stands for “Slightly Included,” but that doesn’t mean it’s a bad grade. SI diamonds will often give you the most bang for your buck. … Like all diamonds, even flawless ones, SI diamonds have imperfections. These flaws are larger or more numerous that those in diamonds with higher clarity grades.

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Is Diamond Clarity P1 good?

P1 is the top grade when it comes to clarity, when you compare P1, P2 and P3 graded diamonds. A P2 pink diamond has bigger and more visible inclusions when compared to a P1 diamond. P3 stones come with flaws or inclusions that can be seen by the naked eye. They might also impact the structural integrity of your stone.

What is the hardest color diamond?

Since the purest and whitest color diamonds, the D color diamonds, are the hardest to find in nature and since they are the most sought after – as can be expected – D Color Diamonds are (by far) the most expensive diamonds (excluding fancy color diamonds).

Which diamond is the rarest diamond?

Quick answer: The rarest diamond color is the red diamond. They are so rare that less than 30 true red diamonds are known to exist. They can cost $1 million per carat and most of the red diamonds in existence are less than ½ a carat in size.

Which grade diamond is best?

Flawless is the top grade in the GIA Clarity Grading System. Diamonds graded Flawless don’t have visible inclusions or blemishes when examined under 10-power (10X) magnification by a skilled and experienced grader. As clarity increases, and if all other value factors are equal, diamond price per carat also increases.

What color grade diamond is best?

D color diamond is the highest grade and is extremely rare—the highest color grade that money can buy. Eight percent of customers choose a D color diamond.

What is best clarity of diamond?

What is the best diamond clarity? The best diamond clarity is Flawless (FL). In essence, a Flawless diamond features no internal or external blemishes. Similarly, the Internally Flawless (IF) grade means the diamond has no internal flaws but might have external blemishes.

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Is VVS better than SI?

Very, Very Slightly Included category (VVS) diamonds have minute inclusions that are difficult for a skilled grader to see under 10x magnification. … Slightly Included category (SI) diamonds have noticeable inclusions that are easy, or very easy for a trained grader to see when viewed under 10x magnification.

What does vs Si mean?

That’s why VS, or very slightly included, and SI, or slightly included are the most popular clarity grades.

What is EF in diamond?

E-F – Colorless. G-J – Near Colorless. K-M – Faint Yellow. N-R – Very Light Yellow.

What does a P2 diamond mean?

P2: Inclusions – with very limited effect on the brilliance of the diamond. P3: Large inclusions that are clearly visible to the naked eye and have a definite effect on the brilliance of the diamond and therefore on the overall value of the diamond.

What does P2 mean jewelry?

These are standard hallmarking attributes on all our Pandora jewellery. We have recently started adding P2, which stands for Production 2.

What does P2 mean in diamond clarity?

For the P2 grade, the clarity is towards the lower end of the spectrum. It means they have obvious inclusions that can easily be seen with the use of the 10X magnification and sometimes, with the naked eye as well. Most P2 diamonds have inclusions that can adversely affect their brilliance or transparency.