Your question: What does it mean to enhance a diamond?

Enhanced diamonds are heavily included, or low-color diamonds that have been treated to improve their color or clarity. They sell for a much lower price than a mined diamond with equivalent specifications.

Are enhanced diamonds worth it?

Overall, color and clarity enhanced diamonds offer superb value when looking for high quality, larger or more affordable options of real, naturally mined diamonds. So whether you’re looking to purchase on a budget or to upgrade the size and appearance of your rock, these may be perfect for you.

What does Enhanced mean with diamonds?

A clarity enhanced diamond is a natural diamond! A clarity enhanced diamond is one that originally had inclusions that were visible to the naked eye, but with modern techniques the inclusions are “filled,” making them less visible. … The diamond for an engagement ring may be the biggest purchase you’ve ever made.

How can you tell if a diamond has been enhanced?

If you hold a diamond up and you twist it in the light and you see a pink sparkle, that’s a property of the glass like material used for enhancement. Diamonds do not sparkle pink. The enhanced diamond will sparkle all the normal colors AND pink.

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Is a clarity enhanced diamond bad?

When these stones are polished, little attention is paid to achieving better cut quality because it doesn’t make economic sense to do so. The truth of the matter is that 99.99% of clarity enhanced diamonds are absolutely terrible in terms of cut standards.

How much does it cost to enhance a diamond?

“A typical setting will range anywhere from $600 to $4,000 depending on the total carat weight of its diamonds and the metal used, leaving the remainder for the star of the show—your center stone.”

How do you clean enhanced diamonds?

A mild solution of warm soapy water is an excellent way to freshen up your clarity enhanced diamond. Allow your jewelry to sit in the solution for about ten minutes. A baby toothbrush is perfect for loosening dirt and grim that has become attached to your jewelry.

Can you color enhance a diamond?

Typically, enhanced color diamonds start out as nearly colorless diamonds in their raw state. They then undergo a color-enhancement process using irradiation or HPHT (high temperature, high pressure). Enhanced diamonds are more affordable than white diamonds.

Are enhanced black diamonds real?

An “enhanced” black diamond is a natural diamond that is treated with radiation to obtain a uniform black color. … These diamonds are the rarest and most difficult to cut because they can have a pitted surface. Color-enhanced black diamonds are normally very included and have a large number of surface imperfections.

What is I2 clarity enhanced?

Clarity enhanced diamonds are natural stones that had eye visible imperfections (flaws, blemishes and inclusions) and undergone treatment to remove them. In other words, these are diamonds that were in included clarity range (I1, I2, I3) and have had “plastic surgery” to hide or make the inclusions less visible.

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What does untreated diamond mean?

Untreated-Diamonds is proud to offer only real natural, earth mined diamonds that have NEVER BEEN TREATED OR ENHANCED IN ANY WAY, on all of our ebay listings. … Every diamond purchased from us is guaranteed to be 100% real and natural mined from the earth in its original condition, as is meant to be.

What does not enhanced diamond mean?

Enhanced Diamonds vs. Natural Diamonds

Natural diamonds are not enhanced in any way, so each stone exhibits its own naturally-occurring colors and characteristics. However, a diamond altered to change its color or the visibility of inclusions is referred to as an “enhanced” diamond.

What is moissanite vs diamond?

Moissanite is a near-colorless gemstone that’s composed of silicon carbide. … Although they look similar at first glance, moissanite is very different from a diamond. Diamonds are made of carbon, whereas moissanites are made of pure silicon carbide — an extremely rare, naturally-occurring mineral.

Does Blue Nile sell enhanced diamonds?

An Intro to Gemstone Treatments and Enhancements. … Due to the rarity and uniqueness of colored gemstones, most fine jewelers (including Blue Nile) enhance their gems using various techniques.

Why do labs grow diamonds?

Lab-grown diamonds offer great value, as they are more affordable than natural diamonds of comparable size and quality. These cultured diamonds can be almost 30% less expensive than mined natural diamonds. … With lab-grown diamonds, there is increased transparency that leads to fair pricing and valuations.

Are Benz diamonds real?

All our diamonds are 100% real and natural mined diamonds. Every ring comes with certificate of authenticity additionally; most of the engagement rings come with a diamond report as well.

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