Your question: How long is the black diamond trail?

The Black Diamond Trail is an 8.4 mile stretch of stone dust trail, which has been converted from an old railroad bed. The trail passes through a mix of woodland and pastoral lands along the western slope of Cayuga Lake.

How many miles is black diamond?

Black Diamond Trail is a 8.4 mile lightly trafficked point-to-point trail located near Jacksonville, New York that offers the chance to see wildlife and is good for all skill levels.

What is the grade of the black diamond trail?

IMBA Trail Difficulty Rating System

Easiest White Circle Extremely Difficult Dbl. Black Diamond
Trail Width 72″ or more 6″ or more
Tread Surface Hardened or surfaced (paved) Widely variable and unpredictable
Average Trail Grade Less than 5% 20% or less
Maximum Trail Grade Max 10% Max 15% or greater

How long is the black diamond trail Ithaca?

This 8.5-mile stone-dust path along the upland slopes of Cayuga Lake makes for an enjoyable family-oriented walk, bike, or even cross-country skiing opportunity from the city limits of Ithaca to the 215 foot waterfall, Taughannock Falls.

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Is the black diamond trail in Ithaca paved?

This paved trail follows theshore of Cayuga Lake, Fall Creek, and the Cayuga Inlet. It passes through the Ithaca Farmers Market as well, one of Ithaca’s main attractions.

Are dogs allowed at Black Diamond Mines?

5175 Somersville Rd. As part of the East Bay Regional Park District, one of the most dog-friendly park districts in California, dogs must be on a leash where posted and under full verbal control elsewhere.

Where does the black diamond trail start?

To reach the northern trailhead, take State Route 4 to the Somersville Road Exit in Antioch, then drive south (toward the hills) on Somersville Road until it enters the Black Diamond Mines Regional Preserve. Continue another mile or so to the park entrance station and park in the lot.

What does a black diamond hiking trail mean?

Easy—Beginner (green circle) More Difficult—Intermediate (blue square) Very Difficult—Advanced (black diamond) Extremely Difficult—Expert (double-black diamond)

What is a Grade 3 hike?

Grade 3 – Recommended for people with some hiking experience or average fitness. … They are suitable for most ages and average fitness levels, but it’s suggested that you have some hiking experience. The tracks are well-formed and marked but may have short/medium steep hill sections, steps and uneven ground.

What does grade mean on all trails?

Average grade is the steepness of the trail over its entire length. … The actual length of the trail will be a little more than 100′, 100.5′ to be more exact. The slope of a 10% grade is 5.7 degrees.

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How long is the Catharine Valley trail?

The compact stone-dust trail surface accommodates walking, bicycling, cross-country skiing and snowshoeing. Currently six miles of the trail is available for use. When construction is complete the trail will be twelve miles long and extending from the Village of Watkins Glen to Horseheads.

How long is Cascadilla Gorge trail?

The length of the gorge trail is relatively short. It’s a total of about 1.3 miles to hike the entire trail. However, there are a lot of stairs throughout the trail. It’s an easy to navigate hike, as the trail is clear and the stairs are nice for easy ascents.

How do I get to Diamond trail apex?

Players who achieve Diamond, Masters, or the Apex Predator rank during a season of Ranked Leagues will receive a Dive Trail once the following season is launched.

What county is Cayuga Lake in?

Extends northward from the city of Ithaca through Tompkins, Cayuga and Seneca counties. Cayuga Lake ranks second in size among the Finger Lakes, only Seneca is larger.