You asked: Who plays Little Diamond?

Who played little diamond in Trolls?

Trolls World Tour (2020) – Kenan Thompson as Tiny Diamond – IMDb.

Who sings Tiny Diamond?

Kenan Thompson’s Tiny Diamond Has A Bangin’ New Song In Trollstopia Season 4.

Who is Baby Diamond?

Tiny Blitzgerald Diamond is a supporting character in Trolls World Tour and Trolls: TrollsTopia, and the main character of the related short Tiny Diamond Goes Back To School. He is the son of Guy Diamond, and in relation to this a member of The Snack Pack.

Is Tiny Diamond a boy or girl?

Trolls World Tour

Not only can he fart glitter, proud new father Guy Diamond ups his game when he lays an egg out of his hair…and out hatches Tiny Diamond, a Pop Troll who raps.

What does Tiny Diamond toy say?

Tiny Diamond is my name (diamond!) Come straight from my Daddy’s mane (mane!) My whole body’s made of glitter (glitter!) And I’ll throw it in your face (face!)

How is Tiny Diamond born?

Well, I think that’s best exemplified by a new character named Tiny Diamond (voiced by Keenan Thompson), who is actually birthed by a glittery male troll named Guy Diamond (voiced by Kunal Nayyar).

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Who are the techno trolls?

The Techno Trolls are the only Troll Tribe who live in water. The Techno hand gesture represents a heart, a symbol meaning “love”. In concept art, they started out having a more traditional mermaid appearance, just with a “Troll look”.

What color is Queen Barb from trolls?

Barb is a muddy red-skinned Rock Troll with a bright red mohawk. Her left ear is missing the tip and she has a hoop earring in it; on her other ear are two earrings. She has heavy black makeup around her eyes.

Is Cooper a troll?

COOPER is a rarity in Troll Village: a fuzzy giraffe-like Troll creature, with a goofy grin plastered permanently on his face. He’s the strangest member of the Snack Pack, but whatever he lacks in intelligence he makes up for in enthusiasm.

Why is Gwen not in Trolls 2?

She is usually called just ‘DJ’. The reason why DJ Suki did not appear in Trolls Holiday and Trolls World Tour is because of DreamWorks and the staff’s unexplained dislike of the character, and her voice actress Gwen Stefani not being available at the time.

Is Smidge tiny diamonds sister?

One of the smallest Pop trolls, Smidge sounds like the biggest. At first resistant to be a big sister to Tiny, Smidge rallies the Snack Pack to infiltrate the Rock Trolls’ kingdom.

Do male Trolls have babies?

Though child Trolls of each Tribe do have parents, normally both a male and female Troll, little details are given on the Troll reproduction process that leads to the creation of baby Trolls. This is mostly because of the fact the Trolls franchise itself is aimed at children.

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Why do the Trolls turn gray?

During the film’s climax, Princess Poppy and the other Trolls are thrown into a pot to be served to the Bergens. This makes them lose their colors, except Branch, who was already grey to begin with.

Who plays the glitter Troll?

The animated film features returning characters, including the glittery silver Pop Troll, Guy Diamond. If his voice sounds familiar, it’s because he’s portrayed by Big Bang Theory star, Kunal Nayyar.

Which is satin and chenille?

Satin and Chenille are instrumental in putting together all of Poppy’s various dresses and outfits. Satin is the pink one; Chenille’s the blue one. They’re total BFFFs — Best Fashion Friends Forever. Four hands means quick costume changes during big Troll Town events.