Who created glass gem corn?

“Glass Gem” has its own Facebook page with more than 19,000 followers, but its journey from an Oklahoma cornfield to Internet fame started with a man named Carl Barnes. Barnes wanted to explore his Cherokee roots, so he began collecting and planting ancient varieties of corn.

Where did glass gem corn originate?

Yes, it’s real, and, as an heirloom, its seeds will grow true. Glass gem corn was born in Oklahoma, bred by a part-Cherokee farmer named Carl Barnes who had a knack for tinkering with corn. Over successive generations, Barnes selectively saved and planted seeds that demonstrated vibrant colors.

When was glass gem corn invented?

Glass Gem corn, a unique variety of rainbow-colored corn, became an internet sensation in 2012 when a photo of the sparkling cob was posted to Facebook. Shortly after, the company that sells the rare seeds, Native Seeds/SEARCH, began ramping up production to meet the high demand.

Is Glass Gem Corn Native American?

Glass Gem was developed out of a line of ‘rainbow corn’ that was originally bred by a part-Cherokee, corn enthusiast named Carl Barnes. Barnes grew up in Oklahoma and from an early age became interested in his Native American heritage.

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Is glass gem corn rare?

Extremely rare, this unique strain of flint corn was developed by Cherokee Carl Barnes, then almost disappeared until a curious farmer came across a jar marked “Glass Gem” and planted a few in his garden. … They are sold in lots of 25 because corn must be planted in clusters (not rows).

Is glass gem corn a real thing?

Unique Strain of Corn Has Naturally Rainbow-Colored Kernals That Look Like Glass Jewels. … The rainbow-colored kernels resemble brilliantly-hued strands of jewels rather than something you’d find on your plate. They’re all natural, however, and are the result of heirloom-style farming as well as selective planting.

Is Colourful corn real?

Glass Gem corn, a unique variety of rainbow-coloured corn, became an Internet sensation when a photo of the sparkling cob was posted to Facebook. title=”The story of Glass Gem corn begins with an Oklahoma farmer named Carl Barnes. …

Why is glass gem corn so colorful?

Glass gem corn is the perfect example of the interesting results that can be achieved through selective plant breeding. The results are not synthetic. This colorful corn is the result of human action. But it is the result of human action working in collaboration with nature.

Can you eat glass gem corn?

These amazingly gorgeous ears are simply too beautiful to eat. Grind them up into cornmeal or use them as tortillas. They can also be ground into cornmeal and popped into popcorn.

Is glass gem corn a hybrid?

His Glass Gem corn is now part of the Native Seeds/SEARCH program, which collects and distributes heirloom and ancient crops to farmers and gardeners. Because the seeds are hybrids of several different types of wild corn, no two ears of Glass Gem are ever alike. That means that every harvest is a rainbow!

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Does glass gem corn taste different?

Glass Gem corn has an opalescent quality with high starch content. The kernels are not commonly consumed fresh and are primarily dried. When processed, they contain a neutral, unsweetened, starchy taste.

Healthy Nibbles and Bits Vegetable & Cornmeal Fritters
Main Dish
The Recipe Critic Hominy Casserole

Can you popcorn with glass gem corn?

Glass Gem corn can easily be dried for decoration, popped for popcorn, cooked into hominy, or ground to a beautiful cornmeal. On top of that, the story behind glass gem corn is pretty amazing.

Is Glass Gem Corn GMO?

Yes, Glass Gem Corn Is Edible

Glass gem is non-GMO heirloom rainbow corn variety that actually comes in many colors. It is best used for cornmeal, as opposed to slathering with butter at the dinner table. It is also a marginally decent popping corn. It is a long season variety, requiring 110 days to reach maturity.

What is Rainbow corn?

Unlike sweet corn, rainbow corn isn’t one to eat straight off the cob. It’s a type of flint corn that has a hard outer layer, which is great to grind down into cornmeal for dishes like grits and polenta. Glass Gem corn can also be used to make popcorn, but sadly, it doesn’t come out rainbow colored.

Can I pop gem corn?

Glass gem corn is a flint corn, so it is not usually eaten like corn on the cob. … To get the kernels, you will first have to dehydrate your corn. From there, you can pop it or grind it into cornmeal.

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Is Green corn real?

The eating corn that those in North America call sweet corn, or even corn-on-the-cob corn, is known in Brazil as milho verde, which translates into English as Green Corn.