What is the plural form of necklace?

Is there a plural form for jewelry?

The word jewelry is a non-countable noun which doesn’t have a plural form; units are referred to as a piece of jewelry or pieces of jewelry, an item of jewelry or items of jewelry- e.g my jewelry often means all of your rings, bracelets, necklaces etc., or could be one piece of jewelry if that’s all you own.

What is plural form of house?

noun, often attributive. ˈhau̇s plural houses ˈhau̇-​zəz also -​səz

What is a group of necklaces called?

Terminology. A parure typically consists of a combination of a matching necklace, earrings, brooch, bracelet and often a diadem or tiara.

What is the meaning of the idiom necklace?

vulgar slang A term for the spots of semen left on a woman’s neck and chest after a man ejaculates between her breasts. See also: pearl. See also: rackage.

Which is correct jewelry or jewellery?

The most commonly used variations of this noun, meaning precious items of personal decoration, are jewellery and jewelry. The spelling difference extends to jeweler (American English) and jeweller (British and Australian English), as well as to other derivatives such as jeweled–jewelled and jeweling—jewelling.

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Is it correct to say jewelries?

Jewelry is a singular collective noun. Whether a person is wearing one piece of jewelry or a dozen is irrelevant; jewelry is the word to use either way. Its plural is jewelries, but most writers would use the phrase pieces of jewelry instead.

What is the plural form of knife?

noun, plural knives [nahyvz].

What is the plural form of mouse?

noun. ˈmau̇s plural mice ˈmīs

What is a double necklace called?

An “opera” necklace is about 28 to 32 inches long. This rests around the bottom of a woman’s ribcage. Some people may use this length to wrap around twice, making it look like a double choker style necklace. Anything longer than 32 inches is a “rope” necklace.

What is a round necklace called?

Rolo. Nearly identical to the cable chain, what differentiates this from other types of necklace chains is that it features round links instead of the oval links found in cable chains.

What are necklace styles?

Necklaces come in a variety of styles, including pendant, princess, choker, collar, opera, charm, bib, matinée, multi-chain, lariat, locket, chain, negligee, and rope.

Are there word necklaces?

Custom Word Necklaces

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Is necklace a countable noun?

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary EnglishRelated topics: Jewelleryneck‧lace /ˈnek-lɪs/ ●●● S3 noun [countable] a string of jewels, beads etc or a thin gold or silver chain to wear around the neckpearl/gold/diamond etc necklace She was wearing a coral necklace.

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Is jewellery a word?

Writers are often unsure whether to use “jewelry” or “jewellery” when referring to decorative, usually valuable, personal ornaments. “Jewelry” is the preferred spelling in American English, while “jewellery” is the preferred spelling in British English.