What is Jewellery called in different languages?

What is precious in other languages?

In other languages precious

  • Arabic: نَفِيس
  • Brazilian Portuguese: precioso.
  • Chinese: 宝贵的
  • Croatian: dragocjen.
  • Czech: cenný
  • Danish: dyrebar.
  • Dutch: kostbaar.
  • European Spanish: precioso valioso.

What is the British word for jewelry?

Writers are often unsure whether to use “jewelry” or “jewellery” when referring to decorative, usually valuable, personal ornaments. “Jewelry” is the preferred spelling in American English, while “jewellery” is the preferred spelling in British English.

What is gold called in different languages?

European Portuguese: ouro. Romanian: aur. Russian: золото Latin American Spanish: oro. Swedish: guld.

How do you say gem in different languages?

In other languages gem

  1. American English: gem /dˈʒɛm/
  2. Arabic: جَوْهَرَة
  3. Brazilian Portuguese: pedra preciosa.
  4. Chinese: 宝石
  5. Croatian: dragi kamen.
  6. Czech: drahokam.
  7. Danish: ædelsten.
  8. Dutch: edelsteen.

What’s adorable in French?

adorable → mignon, adorable. adorable → adorable. adore → adorer, idolâtrer, vénérer. adore → adorer, idolâtrer, admirer, vénérer, honorer.

How do you say fashion in different languages?

In other languages fashion

  • American English: fashion /ˈfæʃən/
  • Arabic: مُوضَة نمط
  • Brazilian Portuguese: moda.
  • Chinese: 时尚
  • Croatian: moda.
  • Czech: móda.
  • Danish: mode.
  • Dutch: mode.
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Is jewelery a word?

‘Jewellery and Jewelery’

Here in the US, the confusion also continues, with the correct spelling variant being ‘Jewelery’ according to the Oxford English Dictionary. … Either way, the word is always spelled with a ‘J’!

Is there a word jewelries?

jew·el·ry. Ornaments, such as bracelets, necklaces, or rings, especially when made of precious metals set with gems.

What is gold called in Sanskrit?

Gold, when derived from Kanaka(Sanskrit: ‍कणक), Sanskrit word for gold.

What is the Greek name of gold?

Cressida (Greek origin): Meaning ‘gold’.

What is gold called in German?

Wiktionary: gold → golden, gülden, goldfarben. gold → Goldmedaille, Goldmünze, Gold.

How do you say sapphire in other languages?

In other languages sapphire

  1. American English: sapphire /ˈsæfaɪər/
  2. Arabic: ياقُوتٌ أَزْرَق
  3. Brazilian Portuguese: safira.
  4. Chinese: 蓝宝石
  5. Croatian: safir.
  6. Czech: safír.
  7. Danish: safir.
  8. Dutch: saffier.

How do you say Crystal in different languages?

In other languages crystal

  • Arabic: بَلُّور
  • Brazilian Portuguese: cristal.
  • Chinese: 水晶
  • Croatian: kristal.
  • Czech: krystal.
  • Danish: krystal.
  • Dutch: kristal.
  • European Spanish: cristal.

How do you say Ruby in other languages?

In other languages ruby

  1. American English: ruby /ˈrubi/
  2. Brazilian Portuguese: rubi.
  3. Chinese: 红宝石
  4. European Spanish: rubí
  5. French: rubis.
  6. German: Rubin.
  7. Italian: rubino.
  8. Japanese: ルビー