What is a good clarity for diamond studs?

If you’d like a specific recommendation for clarity and diamond studs, the GIA has one. The jewelry experts at the GIA suggest that you can go as low as SI1, SI2, I1 or even I2 for diamond studs.

What color is best for diamond stud earrings?

A white metal (white gold or platinum) is an excellent choice for diamonds with color grades of D through J on the GIA D-to-Z Color Grading Scale. A white metal will enhance the fact that these diamonds are colorless or have only a hint of yellow.

What setting is best for diamond stud earrings?

Prong settings are the most popular setting style option for diamond stud earrings. This type of setting holds your diamonds in place with prongs, which are tiny pieces of metal. This setting style is loved because it has an elegant, classic style.

What is a good size for everyday diamond studs?

If you’re shopping for an everyday pair of diamond earrings, you may want to stick to somewhat smaller diamond studs. A good rule of thumb is to stay between 0.25 ctw and 1 ctw for an everyday pair of studs.

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Which diamond is best for earrings?

Round and princess cut diamonds are the most popular diamond shapes for stud earrings. Both are known for their classic, symmetrical look and offer maximum brilliance and sparkle. If you are aiming for an edgier style, the four-prong metal basket of the princess cut diamond is a good choice for you.

Are I1 diamonds good for earrings?

In general, we advise against I1 diamonds, because inclusions at this level impact the brilliance and fire of the diamond. Large imperfections or a large number of imperfections obstruct light as it travels through the diamond, making it dull like you can see in this underwhelming diamond from James Allen.

Is JA good color for diamond studs?

J color diamonds are a good choice for diamond buyers looking to get a larger carat size while staying in the near colorless range. The presence of color in a diamond is made more apparent by a number of factors that are important to consider up front.

Do diamond earrings look better in white or yellow gold?

Diamonds look better in a white metal. They are set in white gold so they do not pick up the yellow color of the yellow gold. Platinum is my preference for a diamond setting because platinum is so durable.

How do you make diamond studs look bigger?

Opt For Less Metal

The more metal you have on your ring, the more it will overshadow the diamond. Consider a setting that uses less metal either around the center diamond or on the band. A wider band will make your diamond look smaller, but a skinnier band will make it appear bigger.

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What setting makes diamonds look bigger?

In a halo setting, your center stone is surrounded by a shimmering ring of smaller accent diamonds. This brilliant halo optically extends the size of your center diamond, making it look much larger. The extra shimmer provided by the diamonds in a halo setting adds to this effect.

What size diamond earrings should guys wear?

If you’re unsure which size would be right for you, know that most men prefer the look of a 1 carat diamond stud earring. If you’d like a more understated stud, you could go with a diamond that’s under one carat. If you’d like a more bold and striking stud, you may want to select a diamond that’s over 1 carat.

Is 0.25 carat diamond too small?

Yes, absolutely. Not too big and not too small. In fact, it’s a very good size for engagement rings!

Are Blue Nile diamonds real?

Diamond Selection: Are Blue Nile Diamonds Legit? Blue Nile diamonds are absolutely legit. … Blue Nile has over 120,000 diamonds available on their site – not as much as their competitor James Allen, but certainly enough to guarantee you’ll find something that fits your taste and your budget.

Are I2 diamonds worth buying?

I2 diamond prices are lower than eye-clean diamonds because they have noticeable blemishes and inclusions. Most reliable jewelers don’t have I2 diamonds for sale, though, because the quality is so low. Even if you’ll save money with an I2 diamond, it’s not worth it, as you’ll have a stone with blemishes.

How much should you spend on diamond earrings?

Set a Budget For Yourself

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0.10 Carat Diamond Studs $500 – $1,000
0.50 Carat Diamond Studs $1,000 – $2,000
1.00 Carat Diamond Studs $2,000 – $4,000
1.50 Carat Diamond Studs $7,500 – $9,000
2.00 Carat Diamond Studs $12,000 – $13,000

What color and clarity is good for diamond ring?

According to that GIA standard, the “best” diamond color is D. (Read more about D color diamonds here.) D color diamonds are the equivalent of IF or FL grade diamonds on the clarity scale — they’re very rare, and their price definitely reflects that.