Quick Answer: Where is Seamus Emerald Ranch?

You can find Seamus in a makeshift extension on the right hand side of the big red barn at Emerald Ranch.

Where is the Emerald Ranch?

Emerald Ranch is a location in The Heartlands, New Hanover. The people here generally aren’t too friendly once you get off the main roads, so be careful traversing this area. If you’ve talked to strangers in the area, you may hear odd stories about this ranch.

Who owns Emerald Ranch?

Miriam is the daughter of Eugene Wegner, the owner of Emerald Ranch.

How do you find Emerald Ranch girl?

If you camp out by the main house and keep your eyes on the top windows, the daughter will occasionally look out; most players catch a glimpse of her around 9-9.15pm.

What happened in the Emerald Ranch Saloon?

In August 1898, the lover of Miriam Wegner, a ranch hand named Joshua Burgess was killed in an “accidental shooting”, which caused the saloon to close down.

Where is Luckys cabin?

Lucky’s Cabin is a location in The Heartlands, NH near Valentine. It’s a ruined building with not much to find in the rubble, but there are good resources nearby.

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Who is the girl in the outhouse rdr2?

Gertrude was born to Catherine Braithwaite and is a member of the Braithwaite family. Disfigured and mentally unwell, her family decided to lock her in an outhouse near Braithwaite Manor instead of sending her to a sanitarium, as they feared that the family name would be tarnished if word of Gertrude’s health got out.

How do I start the Emerald Ranch mission?

You can start this mission by talking to Hosea at Emerald Ranch. For us, it unlocked after completing The First Shall Be The Last, and we assume you need to finish Exit Pursued By a Bruised Ego. Ride with Hosea to the destination on the map, hitch your horse and go to the rock.

Are there pigs at Emerald Ranch?

Aberdeen Pig Farm location

You’ll find this pig farm a little to the southeast of Emerald Station (and Emerald Ranch). It’s roughly halfway between Emerald Station and Lagras. As you approach the front porch, you’ll be greeted and invited inside for dinner and a drink.

Where are the sheriff offices in rdr2?

Sheriff’s offices are located in most major settlements in the game, including the town of Armadillo, MacFarlane’s Ranch and Chuparosa.

What can you do with Margaret’s emerald?

Abresson makes a return, it’s quite hard to fool a Gemologist specialized in Emeralds that the cheap copy you got from Margaret is the real thing. So, what can you do with Margaret’s Emerald? Simply head to a Fence, sell it and feel grateful that you actually fooled the shopkeeper and got $50 on a fake item.

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How much is Margarets emerald worth?

Take the Lion’s Paw trinket from the lion, which you can sell to the fence for $19.75. Pay a final visit to Margaret to get your pay, which is a Large Emerald worth $250.

How do I unlock the Fence in Emerald Ranch?

In Chapter 2, complete Hosea’s second mission, The Spines of America, to unlock the first Fence. This Fence can take in Stage Coaches and other Wagons for cash. This Fence is located at Emerald Ranch in The Heartland.