Quick Answer: How do you get gems in Xenoblade?

Gems can be obtained throughout the world of Xenoblade Chronicles. They are often rewards for completing quests and filling in sections of the Collectopedia. Many of the NPCs roaming around also have Gems that they might be willing to trade.

How do you craft gems in Xenoblade?

Discretion is advised. Gem Crafting is a process in Xenoblade Chronicles. It can be done with different ether crystals found by killing monsters or mining from Ether Crystal deposits and Ether Cylinders created as a byproduct when creating gems.

How do you use crystals in Xenoblade Chronicles?

How to craft Gems

  1. Go to the Gem Furnace. …
  2. Press A to talk to the Gem Man. …
  3. Select up to eight Ether Crystals or Cylinders of the same Rank. …
  4. Press A to confirm your selections.
  5. Using the left joystick or the D-pad, choose a Shooter. …
  6. Press A to select your Shooter.
  7. Using the left joystick or the D-pad, choose an Engineer.

Does Gem crafting increase affinity?

Boosted Gem Crafting

When Gem Crafting, using two characters with higher affinity for each other will award them with a higher number of turns to craft. On top of this, higher affinity between party members makes it possible for other party members to provide an assist when crafting.

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How do you make gems in New World?

To craft gems in New World, you will need to find some raw gemstone material. These are considered quite rare, and finding them by mining is a bit random and requires some luck. When you mine certain minerals in Aeternum, you have a chance for it to drop raw gemstone material.

What is agility Xenoblade?

Agility is a stat in Xenoblade Chronicles, for all characters and enemies. This stat affects physical accuracy and evasion. From highest to lowest base agility, these are the playable characters: Dunban, Fiora, Riki, Shulk, Reyn, Sharla, and Melia.

How do you get the quick step gem?

Ways to obtain Quick Step gems, including completing Quests, trading with NPCs, and completing categories in the Collectopaedia.

What does weapon power do Xenoblade?

Weapon Power is a Gem in Xenoblade Chronicles that increases the activation rate for gems mounted on Weapons.

What are materials used for Xenoblade?

Materials are worth money when sold at shops. This can provide a helpful early boost in gold, but eventually selling materials becomes unnecessary as quest rewards become so generous that the party can easily afford to buy anything they need. Materials remain valuable for trading until nearly the end of the game.

What does gentle flame do?

Each turn of the process involves either a strong, medium, or gentle flame. Strong flames greatly enhance a single attribute at random, medium flames moderately enhance all attributes, and gentle flames only increase the cylinder gauge.

What does tension swing do Xenoblade?

Tension Swing is a Gem in Xenoblade Chronicles that reduces the Tension range, making it easier to gain or lose tension. This can be useful for arts such as Happy Happy and Final Cross, which require high tension to activate.

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What are ether crystals used for?

They are used to craft parts for Poppi α, Poppi QT and Poppi QTπ and upgrade their specifications in Poppiswap. They can also be obtained by trading with the Traveling Bard from Gormott Province during New Game+, after finishing the game and installing Patch (Ver. 1.3.

How Do You Get Love source Xenoblade?

The Love Source can only be obtained from the NPC Jer’ell in Colony 6. However, to get her to move to Colony 6, you’ll need to rebuild the area and get to Housing level 4. To do this, head to Colony 6 when you have the chance, and start collecting resources and money to help rebuild it.

How do you get max affinity Xenoblade?

Affinity chart between Shulk and other party members Each character’s affinity can be improved by battling together (Burst Affinity and helping characters with status ailments or who are knocked out), completing Quests, completing Heart-to-Hearts and gifting collectables.