Question: What level should I be for elite four Ruby?

The Elite Four from Ruby and Sapphire will be covered here. To beat them your Pokémon should be at least at Level 55 each. The simplest possible team that can win the tournament comprises four Pokémon: One fire, One Water,One Ice and One Electric type.

How do you beat the Elite Four in Pokemon Ruby?

Pretty much you use double kick on Absol and Mightyena, thunder on Sharpedo and ice beam on Shiftry and Cacturne. Then, surf of all of Phoebe’s Pokémon, as well as on the Glalie. Use thunder on Sealeo and Walrein. Use ice beam on the dragon Pokémon, and surf on the rest.

What is the best team to beat the Elite Four in Pokemon Ruby?

What is a good team to beat the Elite Four in Pokemon Ruby? A good team would be Agron, Swampert, Breloom, Gardenia or Alakzam. Salamanca, Blissyy and Dusclops are also good.

Where is Elite 4 Ruby?

The Elite Four in Hoenn are positioned within the Pokémon League to the north of EverGrande City, only accessible after you have all eight badges.

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What is the best team for Pokémon Ruby?

Originally Answered: What is a good team for Pokemon Ruby, Sapphire, or Emerald? Assuming you mean for post game and not for travelling around the region, the team I would suggest is Blaziken, Gardevoir, Aggron, Salamence, Walrein, and Exploud/Slaking. Blaziken is useful due to its heavy hitting and strong typing.

How old is Steven Pokémon?

Steven Stone

Steven Stone ツワブキ・ダイゴ Daigo Tsuwabuki
Artwork from Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire
Age 25ORAS
Gender Male
Eye color Light steel blue

Where is Rayquaza in Ruby?

It is located on the northern edge of Route 131 in Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire, Pokémon Emerald, and Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire. Rayquaza appears at the top of the Sky Pillar. It includes the tower itself, as well as a cave with no wild encounters that is directly connected to Route 131.

Can you get Bagon before the Elite 4 Omega Ruby?

Yes, you find Bagons in the deepest parts of Meteor Falls. It becomes available right before/after Juan (water type gym leader).

What level does Lairon evolve?

Lairon (Japanese: コドラ Kodora) is a dual-type Steel/Rock Pokémon introduced in Generation III. It evolves from Aron starting at level 32 and evolves into Aggron starting at level 42.

How old is Phoebe in Pokémon?


Phoebe フヨウ Fuyou
Age: 20 or more
Hometown: Mt. Pyre
Region: Hoenn
Debut Generation: III

What level is Stevens Oras?

First Pokemon League Team

Armaldo ♂
Level 57
Ability Battle Armor
Held Item

What Pokémon does Drake have?

Drake is a member of the Elite Four in the Hoenn Pokemon League. He specializes in Dragon-type Pokemon. His team consists of a Shelgon, Altaria, Flygon, Flygon, and Salamence.

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Who is the best starter in Ruby?

Mudkip, considering stats, in-game competitors, and weaknesses, is the best starter for Hoenn. When Mega Swampert makes an appearance, beware. Its boosted Attack stat will make this Pokémon a scary opponent for any Gym Leader, Elite Four Member, or Champion. Swampert has strength and resistance, a powerful combination.

What level does Trapinch evolve?

Trapinch (Japanese: ナックラー Nuckrar) is a Ground-type Pokémon introduced in Generation III. It evolves into Vibrava starting at level 35, which evolves into Flygon starting at level 45.