Question: What game in Animal Jam gives you the most gems?

So far, one of the fastest ways I have found is to play Ladybug Lane with a buddy over and over. The winner gets 250 Gems and the loser gets 100 Gems. If you and your buddy play relatively quickly (not taking forever to decide your next move) then the game can end within a minute.

What games on Animal Jam give you sapphires?

Players in Packs have a chance to receive Sapphires from the Gem Tree in their Pack Hideout every hour. Players with Membership in Packs also have a chance to receive Sapphires each day from their Pack Chest. Send your pets on Pet Expeditions in Crystal Sands for a chance they’ll bring back Sapphires!

How do you get classic gems in AJ?

Jammers can purchase a Gems Gift Certificate from Animal Jam Outfitters that will reward them with bonus Gems in the game. These are available in amounts of 10,000 Gems, 25,000 Gems, and 100,000 Gems. Animal Jam Outfitters also sells membership and gift packs that may reward varying amounts of Gems.

Where is the gem tree in Animal Jam?

The Gem Tree resides within the Pack Hideout. It will generate gems, and rarely sapphires, for Pack Members to collect.

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How do you get gems in 2020 on Animal Jam?

Taking Part in the Daily Spin. Log onto Animal Jam daily and spin the Daily Spin. If you log on everyday then the reward will triple every time you spin it, granting you more gems. You can also get diamonds and rares on the Daily Spin, which you can transfer to gems or recycle.

What is the redeem code in Animal Jam?

supersheep: Redeem this code to get 750 Gems. curiousraccoon: Redeem this code to get 750 Gems. cuddlykoala: Redeem this code to get 750 Gems. happyhyena: Redeem this code to get 750 Gems.

How do you get a shop in 2021 on Animal Jam?

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Since this is a members-only item, you’re going to need to purchase an Animal Jam membership to host this type of shop. From purchasing the membership you should get 10 diamonds (if you got the membership for 3 months), 25 diamonds (if you got it for 6 months), or 60 diamonds (if you got it for a year).

How do you trade gems on Animal Jam?

– While viewing a Jammer’s Player Card, tap on the icon that has two circular arrows. – Choose an item you would like to trade for by tapping on it. – Pick the items you have that you would be willing to trade and follow the prompts.

Where is the pack hideout in Animal Jam?

The Greely Pack Hideout appears to be a large volcano island with flowing lava around the base. It has multiple rooms carved into the volcano. In the Pack Chest room, there are two small pools of lava.

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Where is the sapphire shop in Animal Jam?

Location. The Sapphire Shop is a store located in Jamaa Township. It was introduced during February 2016.