Question: Is Black Diamond Cheese good quality?

Black Diamond® offers a variety of delicious, high quality, great-tasting cheeses for any meal or occasion. Perfect for the whole family!

Is Black Diamond Cheese real cheese?

Black Diamond®‘s great-tasting Natural Cheese is available in a convenient Natural Cheese Slice format. Natural Slices are a great source of protein and calcium and are perfect for putting on sandwiches, burgers and more.

Is Black Diamond cheddar slices real cheese?

real cheese

its nice to have favorite cheddar cheese in this convenient format.

What happened to Black Diamond Cheese?

The company has been owned by Parmalat Canada since 1998. In the United States, the brand is licensed to DCI Cheese in Wisconsin. Black Diamond was established in 1933 by Robert F. … Canada Packers then sold the plant to major dairy Ault Foods in 1991, which after several divestments was sold to Parmalat Canada in 1997.

What kind of cheese is Black Diamond?

Premium Aged Cheddar

Black Diamond Cheese has been crafted in Canada since 1933. It is a product of renowned Canadian know-how and expertise in cheddar-making, whose exclusive aging method has yielded a premium cheddar with a unique taste.

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Is Black Diamond Cheese processed?

According to the Black Diamond website: “Processed cheese is made by finely grinding, mixing and heating one or more cheeses with added milk and/or milk products.” While sodium isn’t mentioned, it is added, as are a host of difficult-to-pronounce ingredients listed on most of these products, such as emulsifiers, …

Who manufactures Black Diamond Cheese?

Lactalis Canada, the parent company of Black Diamond®, is a founding sponsor and proud supporter of Kids Help Phone, Canada’s only free 24/7 counselling and information service for children and youth since 1989.

Can you freeze Black Diamond cheese Slices?

Can you freeze cheese slices? Yep! For prepackaged sliced cheese, just pop the package into a freezer bag and place it in the freezer.

Does Walmart Sell Black Diamond cheese?

Black Diamond Spreadable Cheese Extra Sharp Cheddar, 24.0 OZ –

Is Black Diamond Kraft?

Under the agreement, Kraft Heinz will continue to own and market its other cheese products, including Philadelphia, Cheez Whiz and Kraft Singles, which are processed in Quebec. Parmalat’s Canadian cheese portfolio currently includes Black Diamond, Balderson and Galbani.

How do you store Black Diamond Cheese?

What’s the best way to store Black Diamond® cheese? If it comes in resealable packaging, be sure to seal properly before placing in the refrigerator. If it does not, wrap in plastic wrap and then place in a sealable bag, ensuring air has been removed before closing and placing in fridge.

Is Black Diamond cheese made with Canadian milk?

100% Canadian Milk

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on our delicious cheese products.

When did Black Diamond Cheese strings come out?

Established in 1933, Black Diamond® is proud to have over 85 years of experience in cheese making. The Black Diamond Cheese brand stands for quality and tradition. Now THIS is cheese!

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