Is Jewelers Mutual a good company?

We chose Jewelers Mutual as best overall because of their industry longevity, coverage of most major perils, and you can customize your coverage without a deductible. Jewelers Mutual Insurance Group has been around since 1913.

What does Jewelers Mutual not cover?

What’s Not Covered

Things like ring resizing, cleanings, inspections and appraisals are not included. … Jewelry, especially engagement rings, is most commonly lost because it’s just that, lost.

Who owns Jewelers Mutual?

Scott Murphy, President and CEO of Jewelers Mutual.

Does Jewelers Mutual cover loose diamonds?

We provide all types of jewelry insurance, including engagement ring insurance. Watches, earrings, and even loose stones while being set – yep, we cover those too.

How long does a Jewelers Mutual claim take?

In many cases, you can be covered the same day you apply and purchase insurance. Sometimes we need additional information, and if that’s the case, we’ll reach out within two days of receiving your application.

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Is State Farm good at paying jewelry claim?

State Farm is a great choice for those who feel they need jewelry insurance but don’t require a high coverage limit. Coverage limits for jewelry under State Farm’s standard homeowners insurance policies start at $2,500.

Can you cancel Jewelers Mutual?

You can cancel your policy any time by calling us at 888-884-2424.

Is Jewelers Mutual a public company?

The company does not plan to go public and will leave ultimate control of the company in the hands of member policyholders, he said.

How many employees does Jewelers Mutual have?

Company Description: Jewelers Mutual Insurance Company is located in Neenah, WI, United States and is part of the Agencies, Brokerages, and Other Insurance Related Activities Industry. Jewelers Mutual Insurance Company has 160 total employees across all of its locations and generates $110.68 million in sales (USD).

Does insurance cover lost diamond?

The coverage issue with a lost diamond is that an unendorsed Homeowner or Farmowner Policy does not provide coverage for this type of loss. Jewelry is considered Personal Property. Most policies provide Named Perils coverage for Personal Property. … Losing a diamond or its mysterious disappearance is not on that list.

How often should jewelry be appraised for insurance?

As previously mentioned, jewelry values fluctuate. To have the most accurate value, it’s important to get it appraised about every three to five years. Additionally, if your appraisal is for insurance purposes, the insurance company may require you to update your appraisal periodically.

How much should I spend on an engagement ring?

General Rule: You should spend at least 2 months salary on the engagement ring. If, for example, you are making $60,000 per year, you should spend $10,000 on the engagement ring.

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How do I use Jewelers Mutual?

Follow the below steps in the event of a claim.

  1. Start Your Claim. Let us know what happened. …
  2. Choose a Jeweler. Choose a jeweler to repair or replace your item. …
  3. Pay Your Deductible. If your policy has a deductible, pay that amount to your jeweler. …
  4. Insure Your Replacement Jewelry.

How does insurance work on jewelry?

Jewelry insurance reimburses you if your covered jewels are lost, stolen, go missing or become damaged. Jewelry insurance doesn’t cover your items if they’re defective or from wear and tear. A jewelry warranty protects your valuables from defects.

How do I make an insurance claim for lost jewelry?

How do I file an insurance claim for damaged or lost jewelry?

  1. If your jewelry was stolen or vandalized, file a police report. Get a copy so you can include it with the insurance claim.
  2. Contact your insurance company or jewelry protection insurer immediately after noticing the jewelry has been stolen, lost or damaged.

How do I change my Jewelers Mutual deductible?

Contact us at 888-884-2424 or to change your deductible.