Is Cernucci real jewelry?

Is Cernucci gold real?

REAL GOLD. Our craftsmanship and plating technique powerfully binds real gold to our base metals. Our plated, vermeil and solid gold options all look and feel the same.

Is Cernucci diamonds real?

Genuine Cernucci pieces can only be bought from There are many imitators, however, we encourage you to be careful of any website which may look the same but are in fact scam websites. Be wary of: 1.

Is Cernucci cubic zirconia?

We offer 18 Karat Gold Plating across all pieces and use the highest quality brass as a base metal. The stones are hand-set Cubic Zirconias.

Is Cernucci jewelry waterproof?

Q: Are all items waterproof like swimming showering etc. Will it stay looking good. A: We don’t advise swimming in water with chlorine. And yes you can shower!

Does 18k gold plating tarnish?

Gold plated jewelry items will definitely tarnish over time, though solid gold items will not tarnish at all. Gold plated items have a base metal underneath the gold plate, like copper or silver, which makes the jewelry piece stronger and less likely to bend, though these jewelry metals tarnish.

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Is gold plated real gold?

Gold plated items are coated with a layer of real gold, and in some items, this layer can be quite thick. However, the core metal in a gold-plated piece can be a gold alloy. But, most of the time, it is a metal other than gold. This is why gold-plated is sometimes referred to as fake gold.

Are CZ diamonds real?

A cubic zirconia is a real cubic zirconia, but it is not a real diamond. There are a few types of stones that are used as diamond simulants, but cubic zirconia is by far the most common and the most realistic.

Who is Cernucci?

Cernucci is an urban jewelry brand inspired by the creativity and energy of London’s hip-hop and fashion scene. We’re here to give people the confidence to become more independent with their jewelry and fashion choices, so they can express themselves in unique and creative ways.

Is secure the drip legit?

Really good customer service. The chain is holding up very good. No fading or tarnishing. No damage due to water to be seen, and I wear it to the pool and take it with me in the shower all the time.

Is Cernucci a brass?

It has taken us years upon years to get to where we are now. But it feels good to know that we are revolutionising the jewellery space. We use authentic 18 Karat Gold plating (PVD 5 times dipped) across our pieces with a solid base of either 316L stainless steel or brass.

Is Cernucci stainless steel?

Cernucci’s Rope Chain can be worn as a standalone piece or in combination with our other stunning chains. It’s unique twisted design gives it another dimension. This piece has a base of 316L Stainless Steel.

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Does cubic zirconia have fire?

Cubic zirconia contains no true brilliance or fire. It has a much lower refractive index—between 2.15 – 2.18, compared with 2.42 for diamonds.

How do you clean Cernucci?

Get into the habit of cleaning your jewellery by gently wiping it down after every wear. We advise using a cotton ball or a soft cloth. Every couple of weeks or month, you should give your most-worn jewellery a deeper clean. Being gentle is key and use basic soap with warm water.

Is Omniore real?


Where is Hello ice located?

This Helloice hip hop jewelry review found out that their pieces are made in Hong Kong, China. We also know that their headquarters are based in Los Angeles, California.