Is Ace of Diamond better than major?

Which one is better major or Diamond no Ace?

Both anime are about baseball, both main characters are not intelligent however they are excellent at baseball and get stronger as the story progresses. However Major focuses more on the protagonist while diamond no ace goes more in depth into the entire team and the other teams.

Why Diamond no Ace is good?

Diamond no Ace’s use of characters is easily a 10/10. The music and art in the anime were definitely good. The openings for Diamond no Ace set the exciting tone to come in the anime. The other soundtracks used during the baseball matches managed to amplify the suspense in each moment.

Is Ace Diamond good?

Definitely worth the watch, whether you’re a sports anime fan or general shonen anime fan. Check it out! If you are really into sport’s anime then jump right in and give this one a look! I’m very 50/50 on Ace of Diamond’s its well drawn and there are some very lovable characters however…

Is major worth watching?

Major is a show I would reccomend to anyone who likes sports shounen. Major is a definite must-see for anyone that enjoys sports anime/manga. The plot is pretty much your typical addictive shonen sports anime, but there is some noteworthy drama elements in there as well.

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Is Ace of Diamond realistic?

Unlike some sports animes that feature characters with out-of-this-world special skills and powers, Diamond no Ace takes the more realistic path. Whether it is a slider ball, curve ball, screw ball or changeup, these are actual pitches that are thrown in the real life sport.

How many seasons of major anime are there?

It was adapted into a 154-episode anime television series by Studio Hibari and later by SynergySP, titled Major. It ran for six seasons on NHK E from November 2004 to September 2010.