How many enchanted diamond blocks do you need for perfect tier 12?

How many diamonds are in a enchanted diamond block?

Crafting. 25,600x Diamonds) are required to craft an Enchanted Diamond Block.

How much money does a diamond minion make per day?

A Tier 11 Snow Minion with Diamond Spreading generates around 2.6k diamonds per day while a Tier 11 Diamond Minion with Diamond Spreading generates around 3k per day.

Do super compactors make enchanted diamond blocks?

The upgrade is similar to the Compactor; however, instead of compressing items into blocks, they will turned into their enchanted form if enough materials are available.

How rare is a enchanted diamond in islands?

Four diamond rocks spawn upon killing Kor. Each diamond rock that spawns has a 2% chance of being enchanted.

How do you get hardened diamond armor?

Hardened Diamond Armor is crafted out of 24 Enchanted Diamonds or 3,840 diamonds (60 stacks). The recipe is enchanted diamonds in the same form as used to make traditional Minecraft armor.

Can you craft a snow minion?

Snow Minions are a type of Minion that produce, and collect Snow. They are a rare drop displayed as a SWEET! … Like Flower Minions, Snow Minions do not have a collection and, thus, cannot be crafted.

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How much money do lapis minions make?


Tier Harvests per minute Per day
Bazaar Profit
IV 1.11 47,040 coins
V 1.2 50,804 coins
VI 1.2 50,804 coins

How many slots does a personal compactor 5000 have?

It has 3 Slots.

Does Diamond spreading work on diamond minions?

Diamond Spreading is compatible with Diamond Minions, giving them a 10% increase in production speed.

How do you get minion Flint?

Gravel Minions are unlocked at Gravel I and can be placed on the Player’s Island. The Gravel Minion collects Gravel. When the minion is equipped with a Flint Shovel, it will start collecting Flint.

How do you make an obsidian minion?

The Obsidian Minion can be crafted with a Wooden Pickaxe surrounded by 10 Obsidian in each crafting slot. Obsidian can be obtained from The End, the Obsidian Sanctuary, creating then mining on the player’s Private Island, or the Nether Wart Island.