How does the Diamond Dazzle stick work?

The stik’s jewellery cleaning gel contains micro-fine cleansers and polishing agents that bring radiance and luster to diamonds, and a special polymer can fill tiny scratches in settings. Simply twist, brush and dazzle to bring out the bling! Taking care of your jewellery has never been easier!

How do you use a diamond stick?

It’s this easy: Simply take the cap off the brush, wet the bristles, twist the pen until the blue cleaning fluid comes out, and clean your jewelry. Then rinse and dry off, and behold the sparkle.

Is Diamond Dazzle Stik safe for diamonds?

A special formula of micro-fine cleansers and polymers is safe to use on diamonds and all your precious and semi-precious gems, including platinum and gold settings. With regular use, this special cleaning formula will help to reduce the appearance of tiny scratches in settings.

Can you use Dazzle stick on gold?

Diamond Dazzle Stik formula contains a special polymer that fills tiny scratches in settings. and regular use of Diamond Dazzle Stik in cleaning jewellery will improve its overall appearance. … Perfect to clean Gold, Platinum, Diamonds and Precious Stones.

What is diamond stick?

Diamond Stick

Aka-Stick Poly and Aka-Stick Mono are diamond sticks, a modern alternative to diamond pastes offering additional benefits. You can apply the product also during the preparation and it is much easier to prime and assure full coverage of the polishing cloth.

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Do Diamonds lose their sparkle?

Known to be the toughest natural substance on the Earth, diamonds can cut any rock or metal; yet only a diamond can cut another diamond. Despite its ruggedness, diamond can lose its sparkle with oil or dust deposited on it. To maintain the sparkling of this indestructible gemstone is a tough job, but a possible one!

Why does my diamond not sparkle?

A dirty stone doesn’t sparkle because light simply can’t enter the diamond and causes it to appear dull. So, if you notice your diamond jewelry getting cloudier overtime, it’s likely due to a dirty surface and there’s an easy fix to restore their luster.

Can you clean your diamond too much?

No, you can’t clean your engagement ring too much when it’s being done the right way. But, if you’re using all kinds of harsh chemicals regularly that’s when you’re doing too much. Those chemicals will end up damaging the metal and stones, affecting the overall look of the ring.

How do you clean diamonds?

1. Using home-based cleaners to clean diamond jewelry. The simplest way to keep your diamonds squeaky clean is to soak them in a gentle and mild de-greasing solution, such as a warm and diluted dish soap water or an ammonia-based household cleaner, once or twice a week.

What are the ingredients in connoisseurs jewelry cleaner?

Not sure what your jewelry is made of?

Ingredient CAS # Function
citric acid 77-92-9 pH Adjuster
c12-15 pareth-9 68131-39-5 Cleaning Agents
ammonium lauryl sulfate 68081-96-9 Cleaning Agents
acrylic copolymer 192003-74-0 Protectant
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