How do you spend gems in rise of civilizations?

What should you spend your gems on in rise of kingdoms?

Best Gems Spending Priorities:

  • Unlocking VIP 6.
  • More Than Gem Event – You should be able to get to VIP 8+ now.
  • VIP 10 – Get 1 Free Legendary Sculpture every day.
  • 8-hour speedups – 20 of them each week from (VIP-8 shop)
  • Spin Wheel of Fortune to get YSG + Khan.
  • VIP-12 – Get 2 Free Legendary Sculptures every day.

How do you use gems in AOV?

There are only a few ways to use gems at present.

  1. Buying items in the Gem Shop.
  2. Rerolling heroes in Hook Wars and Abyssal Clash.
  3. Buying additional arcana pages.
  4. Buying certain heroes*

What do you spend gold on in rise of kingdoms?

Gold is required to research all technologies unlocked after Academy level 10, as well as the training/upgrade of all Tier 3 and higher troops, though it is not used in any building upgrades.

What does r4 mean in rise of kingdoms?

Rank 4 (Officers, maximum 8, maximum 4 titled officers)

What should you spend Gems on in Lords mobile?

In my opinion, there are three prudent uses for gems: bravehearts, 24 hour shields and treasure trove investing. Bravehearts are extremely valuable because they allow you to upgrade your heroes, which is in turn beneficial for nearly every facet of the game.

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What should I buy on rise of kingdoms?

Super-Value Bundles

  • King’s Coronation (One-Time Purchase)
  • Call of the Ancients – This is the best bundle to get Training Reserves, Speed-Ups, Gems and VIP Points.
  • Geared Up – This is the best bundle to buy for equipment crafting. It offers Crystal Key and Equipment Chest.
  • New Hope – I won’t really recommend this.

What’s the best civilization in rise of kingdoms?

France. France is, by definition, the best civilization for farming in the game. Not only because of their increased wood gathering speed, but also because their commander, Joan of Arc, has passive bonuses to gathering, as well.

How do I get arcana AOV?

You can’t buy gold, so the only way to get Arcana is by playing tons.

Can you cheat in RoK?

Conclusion: Understanding the game is the best RoK Hack!

There is no way to hack the game. And even if there is any, they never give them out for free at all. You could spend thousands of dollars to get those hacks, for sure. … Understanding the game inside out is the best hack for Rise of Kingdoms players!

How do you enter cheats in rise of kingdoms?

How Do I Use Rise of Kingdoms Codes?

  1. Tap on your avatar portrait in the top-left corner.
  2. Tap on settings.
  3. Tap redeem.
  4. Copy a code from our list and enter it into the box.