Best answer: What is BVLA jewelry?

Is BVLA real gold?

BVLA works exclusively in solid gold. … All gold alloys are nickel free so you can decorate yourself without worry of a negative reaction to the metals. Pieces we stock will have hand-set stones ranging from Swarovski gemstones – to genuine topaz and opals – to genuine diamonds.

Does BVLA use real diamonds?

Our diamonds are ethically sourced and conflict free. We believe in and uphold diverse hiring practices and equality for all humans.

What karat gold is BVLA?

This 14 karat yellow gold feather is such a sophisticated and delicate addition to a range of piercing placements. Made with Body Vision Los Angeles (BVLA)’s usual finesse, you can really see the attention to detail throughout.

Can I buy from BVLA?

We sell our jewelry to some of the best piercing studios in the world, both small and large. Our starred retailers are verified by bvla to have the widest selections of our jewelry in their cases, although all of our retailers are happy to special order anything you would like.

How do I clean my BVLA jewelry?

Simply mix a small amount of mild, soap-based detergent into warm water. Put the jewelry into the soap and water solution and leave it there for one to two minutes to soak. Use a toothbrush to gently scrub the jewelry, remove it from the water, and rinse it.

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What is a helix piercing?

“A helix piercing is any piercing along the upper and outside cartilage ridge of the ear,” says Studs piercer Shannon Freed. “Anatomically, the term helix describes that area of the ear.” However, there are names for different placements along that curve.

What is a hinge ring?

A hinged segment ring differs from the regular segment ring because, you guessed it, it’s hinged! Because of the hinge, these segment types usually show more of a seam than the regular segments.

What is a rook piercing?

A rook piercing goes though the inner edge of the uppermost ridge in your ear. It’s one step above a daith piercing, which is the smaller ridge above the ear canal, and two steps above the tagus, the curved bulb covering your inner ear.

How do you take out a flat back conch piercing?

To remove your flat back earrings, hold the post (the back of the earring) with one hand and then gently unscrew or pull the front piece from the post. Once the front piece is loose, gently pull it away from the post.

Is BVLA threaded?

Made by Body Vision Los Angeles. The Feather gold threaded end is 6mm long and will fit 18 gauge, 16 gauge, 14 gauge and 12 gauge internally threaded posts. All BVLA jewelry is of the highest handmade quality and is made to order.

Where do piercers buy their jewelry?

If you have any piercings, you already know how important it is to buy jewelry from safe places that won’t harm your body in any way.

  • 1 Body Art Forms. …
  • 2 Painful Pleasures. …
  • 3 Kolo Piercing. …
  • 4 Anatometal. …
  • 5 Crazy-Factory. …
  • 7 Body Jewelry Shop. …
  • 6 One Tribe.
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How is the septum pierced?

A septum piercing is where a piece of jewelry is inserted through the thin wall of cartilage that separates your left and right nostrils. This is typically done with a sterile, single-use needle. … The needle is then inserted using a taper, and the jewelry is threaded through and secured.