Are Gem golf carts good?

Polaris GEM carts are exceptionally safe, and it would be fair to describe them as one of the safest golf carts available. They are very much designed with safety in mind, and each model meets the stipulated US federal safety standard for low-speed vehicles, which is how GEM carts are classified.

What goes wrong with Polaris GEM?

The 2016 GEM e2 is part of the recall. GEM, owned by Polaris, has issued a recall for 2016-2017 e2, e4, e6, and eL XD models because the drive mode switch can send an incorrect signal, causing the vehicle to go in the opposite direction than intended.

How long do GEM cars last?

Polaris GEM is a manufacturer and seller of street-legal, low-speed vehicles. These all-electric vehicles can last up to 98 miles on a single charge and can be plugged into any standard 110-volt outlet for a recharge.

How fast do GEM golf carts go?

HOW FAST DO GEM CARS GO? To comply with the U.S. federal safety Low Speed Vehicle standards, GEM cars achieve a top speed of 25 mph.

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How much is a GEM golf cart?

2021 GEM e4 • $13,049

Stand out from the typical golf cart with four forward-facing high back seats, 3 point safety belts and plenty of legroom. GEM® e4 combines its superior comfort and security features to be the optimal on-road transportation vehicle.

Are GEM cars still made?

Global Electric Motorcars (GEM) is an American manufacturer in the low-speed vehicle category, producing neighborhood electric vehicles (NEVs) since 1998 and low-speed vehicles (LSVs) since 2001. It has sold more than 50,000 GEM battery-electric vehicles worldwide as of October 2015. GEM was formerly owned by Chrysler.

Are GEM vehicles street legal?

Yes. GEM is the leader in the LSV (Low-Speed Vehicle) market, and GEM vehicles are street-legal in 47 states. An LSV is a vehicle class that has a maximum speed of 25 mph (40 km/h), and can legally be driven on most roads posted 35 mph (50 km/h) or less.

How much are batteries for a GEM car?

GEM Car Six Passenger 8 Volt Battery Price $299 ea

Use the Deka Gel chemistry deep cycle battery if your E6 Gem has the OE Delta Q charger onboard.

How long do GEM batteries last?

While lead-acid will last just 3-5 years based on how well you maintain the batteries.

How many batteries does a GEM car take?

They are powered by six, 12 volt deep cycle batteries connected together in series to achieve a 72-volt battery system. Recharging the six batteries at once happens by plugging into a standard 110-volt outlet for six to eight hours. There are currently six different models of GEM cars on the road today.

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Which brand golf cart is best?

Here are the top best 5 golf cart brands to choose from.

  • Club Car. If you’re looking for a classic ride, look no further than the Club Car. …
  • E-Z-Go. If safety is your first priority, then the E-Z-Go brand is perfect for you. …
  • Yamaha. Chances are, you’re very familiar with the Yamaha brand. …
  • Polaris. …
  • Garia.

How do you make a GEM golf cart go faster?

So for significant speed increases, you simply need more motor. At times a magnet is part of the solution when used with a high performance motor. For more information on how to make your GEM car go faster, don’t hesitate to contact a Ride-4-Fun Speed Specialist.

When did Polaris buy GEM?

2011: Finds a New Home. GEM was acquired by Polaris Industries – marking a pivotal point in its history.


GEM® e4. Stand out from the typical golf cart with four forward-facing high-back seats, 3-point seat belts and plenty of legroom. GEM e4 combines superior comfort and security features to be the optimal on-road transportation vehicle.

How fast does a GEM e4 go?

Hit top speed — in your own neighborhood!

2005 DaimlerChrysler GEM e4
Base price $6995 (two-seater), $8995 (four-seater)
Electric motor 5-hp, 72-volt D.C.
Top speed, mph 25.0
0-25 mph, sec 20.7