What happens to Ruby disco Elysium?

If the check is succesful, Ruby will flee, and does not show up again for the remainder of the game. Otherwise, she will commit suicide, and her Nachtwey A80 Pepperbox Pistol will be obtainable from her corpse.

Should you let Ruby go Disco Elysium?

Unless you intervene (Rhetoric 12) and let her go, Ruby will shoot herself. You can also let her go after exhausting all the options. Kim will actually agree that this was a good decision – and most importantly, you’ll get new clues that show Klaasje is just manipulating you.

Where is Ruby in Disco Elysium?

Where to Find Ruby in Disco Elysium. Ruby is hidden in the Land’s End, the area to the North-West of the Fishing Village across the water lock, but more specifically she’s hiding under the Feld Building. This is a large brick building with a huge mural painted on it near the boardwalk.

Can you lose in Disco Elysium?

There are a lot of ways you can die in Disco Elysium. … Disco Elysium is okay with failure, though. It’s written to embrace failure. And you really should do the same.

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What happens at the end of Disco Elysium?

Literally. Disco Elysium is a detective game in which your character investigates the mystery of a hanged man. By the end of the game, provided you do enough things correctly, you figure out who killed the man and the mystery is solved – the killer even willingly confesses.

Do I have to shoot Kortenaer?

Raul Kortenaer,

He wears a T-500 armour without the helmet. Raul can be dealt with by using the pistol to shoot him in the face (Hand-Eye Coordination Legendary 14) or throwing the spirit bomb in his face (Hand-Eye Coordination Challenging 12).

How many days are in Disco Elysium?

In total, there are ten days you can play in Disco Elysium, and each of those days holds new things for you to find, including new areas, new characters, and new hints to take you closer to a conclusion.

Where is Lena Disco Elysium?

Lena can be spoken to at any time during Day 2, and she’ll tell you that her husband is missing but was last seen to the west. Head southwest from the hotel to the pawnshop, then talk to the man near the water lock control to learn that it’s broken. Return to Lena and make this report.

Can you catch Ruby Disco Elysium?

How to Find Ruby in Disco Elysium. Once you feel your Shiver is high enough, head to the marshy area beyond the fishing village that is known as Land’s End. Go to the Feld building and locate the mural. … Either way, go into the building and you can find Ruby in the basement.

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How many bullets can you get in Disco Elysium?

As far as we know there are two bullets to be found across the whole of Disco Elysium, and you’ll want at least one of them if you want to be armed in certain interactions. Without them, your gun is no better than a theater prop.

Does Disco Elysium have a good ending?

It is a perfect ending thematically, encapsulating its complex blend of nihilism and hope; however, as a video game, the anti-climactic resolution and lack of alternate endings stifle replay value. The core gameplay loop of Disco Elysium invites you to solve the murder investigation at your own pace and discretion.

Where do healing items go Disco Elysium?

To heal in Disco Elysium, players will need to obtain special medicines for each respective health bar (physical health and morale). These are found in a variety of locations about the game. When you have a healing item, it’ll be added to your total, marked above the health bar itself in the bottom-left.

Is there romance in Disco Elysium?

To get right to the point, no, you cannot romance anyone in Disco Elysium. … By and large, Disco Elysium is very focused on the murder mystery at hand, and romance isn’t really a priority in this game at all. So if you were hoping to get with your paramour of choice, sadly you won’t be able to.

What is new Disco Elysium final cut?

The most significant addition to Disco Elysium – The Final Cut is the full voice acting added for each and every character. This change brings the narrative and overall gameplay to a whole new level. … For newcomers, the gameplay will hit twice as hard as before, so they’ll surely be hooked quickly.

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How hard is Disco Elysium?

It is also worth mentioning that in the game Disco Elysium there are two levels of difficulty: Normal : recommended for most Players; Hardcore Mode: hardcore mode greatly impedes gameplay, so it is recommended exclusively for experienced Players who know the details of Disco Elysium .

Does the Insulindian Phasmid always appear?

The Insulindian Phasmid appears in the final part of the game, after meeting the Deserter. It will appear in a cutscene, watching you silently. Go to it, carefully… it may be dangerous.