Quick Answer: What was pink diamonds weapon?

They both thought it was “Rose’s” sword. After she (Pink) discovered “Rose’s” sword on Earth in secret, she used it to fake the shattering and then later discovered the shield.

What was pink diamonds power?

Like all her subjects, Pink Diamond has the standard abilities of a Gem, those including: Enhanced condition, the ability to not age, shapeshifting, resurrection, and fusion. Said abilities were also shown in her Rose Quartz form.

What are the diamonds weapons?

Most of the Crystal Gems’ weapons are based on weapons from the European medieval era: Ruby and Garnet’s gauntlets, Amethyst’s whip, Pearl’s spear, Steven/Rose’s shield, Rose’s sword, Opal’s bow, Sugilite’s flail, Sardonyx’s war hammer and Obsidian’s greatsword.

Is Pink Diamond the most powerful?

As for value, Blue and Yellow are tied for most, White is in second, and Pink is the least valuable. Excluding White Diamond from this part, but out of the diamonds, Blue’s court is the most powerful. Assuming Pink’s was mostly soldiers and quartzes, hers was the least.

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Was Pink Diamond abusive?

Simply put, Pink Diamond was a domestic abuser. … It’s notable that the Pearl fusion is designed to look like a fusion between Utena and Anthy from Revolutionary Girl Utena, an anime about overcoming abuse that’s been a significant influence on Steven Universe.

Is Stevens mom Pink Diamond?

Pearl finally agrees to Rose’s plan and, to Steven’s shock, Rose reverts into her natural form: Pink Diamond. … Steven texts Pearl back in the real world and is pulled out of her mind. Steven somberly states what he has learned: his mother was actually Pink Diamond.

How did Pink Diamond get pregnant?

The crewniverse have said that Rose shapeshifted a womb for Steven. … These constructs are made stable by their gemstones, and once she gave birth to Steven, he would merely fade out of existence, so she sacrificed her physical form and passed her gemstone into him, stabilizing his form.

Why is white diamond so big?

More theories are that Pearl (the Crystal Gem Pearl) or Onion are actually White Diamond. … When a Diamond has so many colonies and her authority is high enough (the case of White Diamond), they grow up and become taller.

What weapon does Pearl use Splatoon?

Weapon of Choice

Pearl mains all of the Dualies weapons, and uses them at times. She also rarely uses her Tentatek Splattershot. However, the weapon she uses the most is the Enperry Splat Dualies.

What is Sapphire’s gem weapon?

What is Sapphire’s Weapon? Sapphire (other than our Homegirl Peri) is the only Crystal Gem that is non-fused that hasn’t revealed her weapon yet. Pearl has a sphere, Amethyst has a whip, and Ruby has a gaunlet that doesn’t look like Garnet’s.

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Why is Pink Diamond so small?

Why is Pink Diamond so small comparing to other Diamonds? Same reason as Amethyst, she didn’t have enough nutrients to make a large form. … So Pink is half the size of blue and yellow since they are the middle rank and they are half the size of white diamond, the tallest of them all.

Who is Black diamond Steven Universe?

Black Diamond is a Homeworld Gem who was sent into exile by her sister, White Diamond, and the founder and leader of the Black Witches of the Black Coven.

Is Steven the only male gem?

Steven is the only gem who is male, and this is likely because he is half-human. Steven is constantly surrounded by female caregiving figures and acts feminine.

How did volleyball get her scar?

In “Volleyball”, it is revealed that the scar was caused by one of Pink Diamond’s outbursts, similar to the ones Steven demonstrates in Steven Universe Future. It is further explained to be psychological damage manifesting itself in her physical form despite her gem being unharmed.

What mental illness does Steven universe have?

It’s revealed that he’s actually suffering from PTSD due to the traumatic events he’s experienced at such a young age, and his body is now reacting to any emotional stress as if his life were in danger.

What did Steven Universe mom do?

Enthralled by the beauty of Earth, she led her friends and allies in a rebellion against the Gem Homeworld around 5,500 years before the events of the series, successfully driving the Homeworld Gems off the planet and saving the life forms inhabiting it.

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