How many prefix and suffix does cluster Jewel have?

Cluster Jewels can be crafted using all of the same methods that you’re used to using with other Path of Exile items. Like other jewels, they can have up to two prefixes and two suffixes.

How many affixes can cluster jewels have?

Cluster jewels can be crafted to modify their properties. Like all jewels, rare cluster jewels can have a maximum of four affixes.

How many passives can a large cluster Jewel have?

Large Cluster Jewel is a cluster jewel base type. It can be placed into an allocated Large Jewel Socket on the Passive Skill Tree. Large Cluster Jewel adds 8-12 passive skills, can have up to 3 sockets.

Do cluster jewels stack?

Yes, you can stack notables from cluster jewels.

Can you roll cluster jewels?

2 Notables: 1 Notable: This is where things become a little more complicated. As you can see, the first Notable you roll on a Large Cluster Jewel will always “spawn” the furthest away from the start, meaning you can’t force a Large Cluster to be incredibly efficient while it only has a single Notable.

Are cluster jewels worth it?

Since the changes to Cluster Jewel rolling, Cluster Jewels are now useless in the vast, vast majority of cases, as to roll one worth using *at all* is insanely hard. This means you can’t plan your build around one any more, unless you are very wealthy or have the jewel in question.

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What is a jewel socket Poe?

Jewels are items that can be placed into allocated jewel sockets in the passive skill tree, and can be removed or replaced at no cost. They grant certain buffs and abilities. Like most other items, jewels can be modified by orbs and are available in the four rarities.

Does cluster jewels item level matter?

There is no reason to go for a higher ilvl, because you are able to get 3 notables and 1-2 jewel sockets. The small passive effects are probably just in the way of crafting a good jewel. So getting a ilvl 84 jewel seems pointless, because it just adds mod rolls that get in the way of our wanted mods.

Where do medium cluster jewels go?

Medium jewels can be placed in the outermost passive skill tree sockets or a socket created by a large jewel and they focus on specific mechanics and utility effects. Small cluster jewels can be placed in sockets created by Large or Medium jewels and sockets on the outermost parts of the passive skill tree.

Can you reroll cluster jewel Implicits?

Blessed Orbs, and will not be overwritten if you add a corruption-exclusive implicit mod to the jewel. You can only use the above vendor recipe to re-roll it. The new jewel will have new enchantments and new explicit modifiers.

Which cluster jewels are valuable?

Cluster Jewels

Name Passives Value
6% increased Flask Effect Duration 6 97.2
3% increased effect of Non-Curse Auras from your Skills 4 97.1
Axe Attacks deal 12% increased Damage with Hits and Ailments, Sword Attacks deal 12% increased Damage with Hits and Ailments 8 92.4
Minions deal 10% increased Damage 10 89.4
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