Frequent question: What is Diamond Glow facial treatment?

The DiamondGlow utilizes a diamond tip wand that delivers a next-level resurfacing treatment which deeply cleans and rejuvenates the skin. This innovative facial treatment exfoliates, extracts, and infuses serums into the skin to give our clients that extra deep clean they have been asking for.

How much does DiamondGlow treatment cost?

HOW MUCH DOES A DIAMONDGLOW® TREATMENT COST? We recommend contacting your aesthetic provider for pricing information since cost varies per authorized location. One single treatment can cost between $150-$300 (based on national average).

What does a DiamondGlow facial do?

DiamondGlow promises healthier, smoother, clearer skin with unclogged pores and a more even tone. It also promises an improved appearance of fines lines and wrinkles, dryness, dark spots and discoloration, and overall dull skin. The entire treatment takes about 30 minutes and has zero downtime.

How long does Diamond Facial last?

The diamond peel procedure benefits you in two ways: First, it exfoliates the top layer of the skin to reveal a healthy, radiant skin underneath. Second, it stimulates blood circulation that literally gives you a pinkish glow. It can last from 30 to 45 minutes with no downtime.

Does DiamondGlow skin work?

WHAT ARE THE BENEFITS I GOT FROM MY TREATMENT? DiamondGlow does more than merely smooth your skin’s surface: after all four of my treatments, I had a radiant, smooth, and healthy-looking complexion. The results are immediate, and they last.

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Is DiamondGlow a Hydrafacial?

DiamondGlow vs Hydrafacial: Key Differences

DiamondGlow uses a physical diamond-tipped exfoliator, while Hydrafacial uses glycolic and salicylic acid for chemical exfoliation. Goals: DiamondGlow is more of a corrective treatment that results in deep exfoliation, extraction and cleansing.

How long does a DiamondGlow facial take?

The procedure is non-invasive and even soothing; delivering the results you want without harsh chemicals or uncomfortable treatments. DiamondGlow™ is a 30-minute treatment and patients can return to activities immediately.

What happens after DiamondGlow?

As a surface treatment, Diamond Glow treatments produce minimal side effects. However, you may experience mild tenderness, redness, and swelling in your targeted area(a). These mild side effects typically resolve within a few hours after your procedure.

How do you use DiamondGlow?

Diamond Glow Elegant Whitening Treatment Cream is a nourishing moisturizing treatment formulated to provide a noticeably lighter, more even complexion.

Diamond Glow.

Net Weight: 1.7 oz. / 50g
How to Use: Apply evenly onto your face or neck, once or twice a day.
Skin Type: Recommended for all skin types.

Which is better gold facial or diamond facial?

Choose according to your skin type- Gold facial is normally used for oily as well as dry skins where as Diamond facial is recommended for those who have ultra sensitive skin.

Who Should Use Diamond Facial Kit?

Dry skin is low on sebum and needs constant hydration. A diamond facial is a healthy boost of the same, in one go. It keeps your skin hydrated, soft and supple for a long time with its nourishing qualities. By unclogging the pores, it also helps improve sebum production.

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